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agnosticism, alternative energy, archaeology, astronomy, atheism, auryn, bab5, babylon 5, bast, biology, board games, bujinkan, card games, cats, chocolate, christopher fry, classic sci-fi, coffee, cognitive science, comparative religion, computer games, computers, cooking, democracy for america, democratic party, eclipses, economics, elections, electoral systems, environmentalism, ethnic cuisine, etymology, evolution, fantasy, felines, feminism, fog, food, game theory, games, gender politics, goth, history of religion, intellectual property, ip law, jewish mysticism, judaism, languages, linguistics, magical realism, magick, martial arts, mathematics, medical research, mist, music, mythology, natural capitalism, natural language processing, ninjutsu, ninpo taijutsu, opera, ouroboros, pagan, perl, philosophy, philosophy of mind, physics, politics, programming, reading, reading aloud, ruins, san francisco, science, science ficton, secular humanism, sensuality, sf, sf bay area, shakespeare, singing, skepticism, slipstream, social choice theory, speculative fiction, stargazing, storytelling, strange horizons, sustainable business, swimming, tao, tea, the princess bride, theology, tom stoppard, travel, viridian, voting systems, water, young democrats
Geek, poet, activist, scientist, ninja, philosopher, singer, actor, lover, pundit, editor, and of course, ever the cunning linguist... I'm a man of many faces. Whether any of them would appeal to you is an open question.

It's occurred to me that I should comment about my filtering habits. I use custom filters. Frequently. I do not often indicate exactly what filter may be in use, or put labels in the subject, because I don't like the sense of exclusivity that engenders. A good rule of thumb may be to assume that any locked post should be assumed to be private, and should not be discussed with anyone you don't know saw it.
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