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Oooo, boy. Ten mile hike makes an Auros tired. On the other hand, it does help work up an appetite. We went to Afghani House (just north of Lawrence Expwy on El Camino), and I introduced the girl to Afghan food. Which she liked, though we had to switch one of the dishes, because she can't eat tomato, and we forgot to ask whether there was tomato in the eggplant dish. The owner was very nice and just switched it with no cost, even though I offered to just box it up and take it home for later. (I'm sure either I or D~ would've eaten it within a day or three.)

Item of note: On the way out to the hike, I'd noticed that there was a little place called "Alice's Restaurant", at the intersection of 84 (La Honda) and 35 (Skyline). I thought that was kinda cute -- a reference to the Arlo Guthrie song/movie. On the way back from the hike, we were both kinda needing to use the bathroom, and also wanting maybe a snack and a drink other than what was in our packs. So we stopped there.

It turns out it's not a reference. It's the real thing -- the restaurant for which the song and movie are named. (Or not -- see comments. I thought there was something wrong with that, but the text on the menu was misleading. Or something.)

Although you can't get anything you want, they do have killer peach pie.

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