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Is there a milliner in the house?

I went and retrieved plymouth's hat from the restaurant where we* apparently left it a week-and-a-half ago. The nice French lady who runs the place expressed her admiration of it, and asked after the lovely girl who had been wearing it. I like being a recognized "regular" at good restaurants. And I like that other people think the pretty girl is pretty, like I do. :-)

* I'd say "where she left it" except I think I specifically said, when she took it off and commented that she'd forget it, that I'd remember it for her. For shame! *hangs head*

On the way over, rightkindofme came running out of my favorite Chinese restaurant and accosted me in the street. On the way back, I stopped in and sat with her and her boy and chatted for forty minutes or so. Yay for social goodness.

Now I have returned home and had dinner (cauliflower and broccoli with cheddar sauce and lightly toasted cubes of whole wheat walnut levain) and caught up on LJ and email. The hat is sitting on top of one of the posts of my bed, where it is driving the cats bananas. They desperately want to get it down and play with it. Perhaps if anybody has a hat they want to get rid of, the sisters could have it as a present? *g*

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