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You know, SYN/ACK? TCP/IP packets? Never mind.

Anyways, I just wanted to note that I've gotten a bunch of mail recently (from the_real_diana with cute stickers and an AIDS Walk check, from larksdream with a cute card of a kitten posed to look like a salty old gent from Nantucket, and from querida_bonbon with cards of a Babylonian lion and a gorgeous nautilus shell).

I also ought to post something about my trip to MSP. My half-brother and his wife live up there. I went to visit for the last few days that my parents were going to be there. I served as a jungle gym for my 5 year old nephew, taught card games (including Zar) to my 8 year old nephew, babysat the boys while the brother took his wife car shopping, and had some quite tasty food at the Mall of America. That about covers it. My dad (ninjadoc) also posted about it.

I am glad to be home. I missed plymouth and the onineko_sisters. Esp the former, what with having had her gone all week right before I left, and then only getting her for a couple of hours before flying off myself.

I really should go eat. I've been dealing with a stack of papermail. And I've had way too much email and LJ stuff to catch up on. And I'm now two full weekdays behind on Slate. Gah. *head explodes*

Current plan: file papers, eat dinner, then go down to soak in the hot tub with the girl.

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