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Kitty available for adoption.

Reposting on behalf of my friend Astro-Girl:

As you may know, J~ and I recently adopted an adorable black fur ball who was neglected and mistreated by his previous owners. In spite of this he is as cute and sweet a kitten as you may find. He purrs really loud and likes to play and give kisses... he's very talkative and funny. As much as we love him, our older cat (8 years) is just miserable -- it's been over a month and she still can't share and growls at him and us often so we need to find him a new home ASAP. We want him to be somewhere he can stay -- he's about 12 weeks old and has had at least 3 homes already. I know he'll bring joy and giggles to your life as he has ours. Please think about it as we would love to have visitation rights!

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