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Cars, tea, and tapas.

I spent most of today looking at cars with plymouth. I think she's currently leaning towards getting a VW Passat Wagon. Regardless of what she gets, it will be manual. I'll have to get her to teach me how to use a clutch properly, as I haven't tried since I was 16. :-/

After the cars, we went and had tea over at Lucy's, where we quite randomly ran into fanlain and cyt. Yay for serendipity! But they were busy taking a class on some kind of beading from the other person there with them, so they didn't have time to chat much.

Then we walked down Castro to the tapas bar, Cascal, and shared three tapas and a key-lime white-chocolate creme brulee. I'd been there for lunch yesterday with two of my co-workers, and saw that and thought, "I'll bet Xta would love that." She did. My evil plot to persuade her of the wondrous possibilities inherent in food proceeds apace. *g*

I managed to edit the two reviews for 8/16 and get them in to the galleys. I still have about 100 messages in my SH box that need to be looked over at some point. Not tonight, though. Tonight, I am going to finish checking LJ, then go over to Xta's place and sleeeeep.

Tomorrow I am driving sbtorpey up to her party at eviladmin's place. Then I will go over, in the evening, to danaeris's movie thingamabobby. So, yay.

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