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More weekendy...

Last night plymouth and I went up to the city in an effort to go see the Dresden Dolls, who are apparently kind of punk/cabaret/eclectic... There was a lot of buzz about them from various friends. We were allegedly going to meet up with fyfer and I think iridium and maybe others, but they had car problems and didn't make it; this also meant that they didn't show up early and buy tix for us. Between that and the fact that instead of going ourselves to Cafe DuNord to buy tix for the group, we detoured to Ti Couz for food (traffic was terrible and by the time we got up there and found parking we were starving) we ended up not getting tix at all. (We did, however, run into whiskeypants and S~, whose lj name I don't know, and missmerrick.) Instead, we went over to evergrey's place and had nummy mixed drinks (blackberry brandy + frangelico + cream + a touch of hazelnut Torani == yum!) and played Apples to Apples, in which I fairly consistently collected the positive adjectives (trustworthy, cuddly) and everybody else got the negative ones (brutal, sickening, scary).

I'm debating whether to go over to Stanford Shopping Center to see Alton Brown making some kind of appearance? (I think a short demo followed by signing his cookbook.) I made breakfast for us this morning (mmmmmmMalt-o-Meal) and washed dishes, and I really ought to do more SH stuff before I go up to Berkeley to hang out with danyelf et al... I'm thinking I'm going to try to hit Cheese Board around 5pm. If anybody wants to join me to split a whole pie (or two, if there's many of us), show up about then. You could even call or email me to let me know you're coming, and then I'd allot slices for you. :-)

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