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I am such a slacker.

I ended up going over to see Alton Brown instead of doing SH stuff. I will do SH stuff, uh, tomorrow. Yeah.

The demos were beef jerky (in which there were amusing anecdotes about partially finished jerky getting stolen by the dog, and much discussion of mammoth jerky -- and mammoths, as anyone who's read The Way Things Work knows, are always funny) and beignets.

Fun Alton Brown facts (or at least, things he said that might've been factual or might've been playing to the audience) include: He's a Mac-fan (he did a riff on the "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" thing, starting with a reference to how certain "French" sauces really originate in Italy, but throwing in a dig at Windows). He grew up in SoCal (in north Hollywood), but likes NorCal better (better weather, better people, better food). He likes making fun of Emeril (bam!). He was a theater major who started cooking as a way to pick up chicks. (Hey, I can cook you dinner, we can have a bottle of wine...)

Also, he complimented my hair. I'd said something about getting the bit about cooking being a valuable dating skill, though it only became one in college -- I learned domestic skills from my parents, and in high school, a guy who does that kinda stuff is regarded as girly. And he said something to the effect of, "Yeah, I got that for being a music and theater geek. But hey, with hair like that, they must be all over you even if you serve up blackened shoe leather." *bounces happily*

I wasn't originally planning to get a book and wait through the line to get it signed, but flipping through it, I realized that it actually didn't overlap much with the books I already had -- it's fairly meat-centric, and most of my books are vegetarian. So I figured, what the heck.

Two other randoms: First, the Palo Alto Coffee Roasting Company was handing out free samples of their Hawaiian Kona, which is apparently exclusive to them, because the family that owns the shop also owns the plantation where this particular stuff is grown. It's really, really good; not quite as smooth as Blue Mountain, but still impressive. Second, a girl standing behind me in line had just gone into Sephora and gotten this iridescent sparkly... stuff. I guess officially it's an eyeshadow? But could be used for whatever. Anyways, it was a deep blue that I thought plymouth might appreciate, since, you know... blue! sparkly! I didn't go in to get any, but I figured I'd put it in writing and see if she would like some. It could be used for face-painting as part of a Dækla costume. (And hey, since it's more of a paint, it wouldn't leave little sparklies all over the place. Hoshi is cute with blue sparklies in her fur, but it's probably not healthy for everyday wear, what with the licking... *g*)

Um, right. I am going to check my email and read through LJ, and I suspect by the time I'm done with that it'll be time to head to Berkeley.

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