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Real Men Eat Quiche

Made quiche last night. I more or less used the Good Eats Refrigerator Pie recipe, opting for half'n'half rather than going extreme and using heavy cream.

I did 1.5 recipes of the custard (i.e. three eggs and 1.5 cups of half'n'half). I heated up some almond oil and started caramelizing some shallots; added broccoli and cauliflower once they'd turned translucent; and spinach when everything was looking near-done. I tossed the veggies in the fridge for five minutes so they wouldn't cause curds to form in the custard before it was actually baking. I also took a whole block of cheddar (well, a small block, I think 0.4 lbs) and grated it in. I defrosted the two 9" pie crusts a bit in the oven while it was warming up. (Yes, I was using frozen crusts even though I have a good recipe for pie crust. I was also trying to get some SH stuff done last night, OK?) I had meant to mix some mustard and dill into the custard, but I sorta forgot about that...

Still, roommate D~ and plymouth both seemed to think it was reasonably tasty.

Had raspberries, with the remaining half'n'half, for dessert. Razbozzles are a great goodness.

I did not have enough for breakfast. I think I will run home and have more quiche for lunch...

(Random thought: I'll bet that the same custard base, mixed with fruit, a bit of something sweet like a liquer or some maple, and some sweet spices like cinnamon and clove, could make a quite tasty dessert or breakfast.)

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