Auros (auros) wrote,

GIP, sorta.

This is kinda cute, but honestly, it seems like way too much effort to paste in this much code...

<span class='ljuser' style='white-space: nowrap;'><a href=''><img src='' alt='[info]' width='17' height='17' style='vertical-align: bottom; border: 0;' /></a><a href=''><b>auros</b></a></span>

...just so I can have a black-cat icon when I want to list myself like this: </a></b></a>auros

Certainly I'd never expect anybody else to use that block, and that would mean ending up with inconsistency. Now, if there was a way to upload a mini-icon that would be filled in by the system for all <lj user=auros /> blocks, that would be way cool. (For one thing, I actually don't really like RoseQuoll's cat much; the ears are too small relative to the head, and the eyes are totally imperceptible. I'm aware that it's hard to work at 17x17 pixels, but you could probably manage by eliminating the shoulders entirely -- going with just a face -- and using shading in the pixels around the eye ones to make the eyes look slightly larger.)


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