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don't make me look too psychotic, by Bruce Pachtman

I'm trying to remember whether anyone on my f-list is among the gang that went to see this show with me, the second time I saw it... In any case, I've seen it three times, at various stages of its development. Bruce has a real talent for reshaping his face and voice to portray the various characters involved, and he digs into his own past to present a story -- and quite a few substories ("my mother's not in this show!") -- that are intensely personal, while getting at something universal about the modern experience of family and relationships. He's apparently now into what is at least the fifth run, having started in a little teeny blackbox up in North Beach, played two of the Marsh's rooms, and doing a run out in Philly. The show is quite amazing, and Bruce is a nifty guy. If enough people (friends, friends-of-friends, whatever) are intrigued by the synopsis and reviews, I could get us some heavily discounted group tix. I'm thinking maybe 10/23, or 11/6 or 11/13.

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