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The more I learn about the guy, the more I like him.

Back in the '80s, a group of Senators got together to work on the issue of non-state actors -- terrorists, drug-lords, etc -- using the banking system to move funds around. They were responsible for the investigation of BCCI, a bank that was facilitating narco-terrorism and lining its pockets through corruption of government officials around the world. (One Senator in particular brought the mindset of a prosecutor to this task. Despite chairing the sub-committee that did most of the work, he did not play up his role or try to hog the credit, much of which went to more senior members of the full committee.) In the aftermath of the BCCI investigation, the same group decided to work on creating standards for international banking and (over the protests of the Republican leadership, incidentally) managed to get them adopted in the US. So now there's a sort of contract that foreign gov'ts have to sign, in order to have access to US capital markets, in which they agree to properly enforce banking laws and assist in anti-money-laundering operations, or face asset-freezes and fines in the US. Know what that's called?

It's called a Kerry Agreement.

John Kerry: Fighting the war on terror since 1988.

ETA: Here's another item to pass to conservative friends/relatives, from another Republican who supports Kerry. This one's by Doug Bandow; he's a senior fellow at the Cato Institute (the largest libertarian think-tank) and former fellow at the Heritage Foundation (one of the two largest conservative think-tanks), and he served in the Reagan administration as a "Special Assistant to the President" (i.e. a policy wonk tapped for direct advice to the president).

Also: Republicans continue trying to cheat in Florida.

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