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We are ALL individuals!

I'm not!

Gacked from plymouth.

A book you own that (you expect) no one on your friends list does:
For fiction, I don't know that anybody else would have The Thirteen Clocks or Three Men In a Boat. I'm sure many of you would like them, but the former is hard to come by, and the latter is not well-known in the US. For non-fiction, how about Gary Tomlinson's Music in Renaissance Magic? (I have a number of even more obscure musicology books, from my course on the semiotics of music.)

ETA: Looks like only the non-fiction holds up. I guess I could pick out some more obscure bit of fiction, but most of that is just random sf/f. Or maybe one of my "coffee-table" style books -- Graeme Base's The Discovery of Dragons (a gift from larksdream many years ago) or From Myst to Riven.

A CD you own that (you expect) no one on your friends list does:
I could probably name any of the acapella CDs I have -- say, the Johns Hopkins Octopodes' Stacked Like Pez -- but that'd be too easy. How about I go with Alphaville's Afternoons In Utopia? A lot of people have their first album, Forever Young, and don't even know that there are several more (the one I cited, plus The Breathtaking Blue, Prostitute, and Salvation). (Also, I doubt anybody else on my f-list -- aside from my dad, who has access to my mom's copy -- has Heggie's Dead Man Walking or Messaien's Saint François. Though it's possible phreddiva might prove me wrong.)

ETA: OK, fine, so haikujaguar had Afternoons. But I have the Alphaville albums that were never released in the US!

A DVD/VHS tape you own that (you expect) no one on your friends list does:
The Dangermouse collection, Rustler's Rhapsody, the Three/Four Musketeers (with Richard Chamberlain, et al), I CLAVDIVS, the Akira Kurosawa limited edition box set... I have fairly eclectic tastes.

A place you've been that (you expect) no one on your friends list has been:
Hmmm. I can't cite Ceduna, because a whole bunch of the eclipse-chasers are on my f-list. But none of them went to the Barossa Valley or Kangaroo Island, so far as I know. Alternately, I could try Runaway Bay, Jamaica, where my family went on vacation when I was very young. Or Seal Harbor, ME.

ETA: It looks like Barossa may hold up, but not Kangaroo Island. But nobody's said they've been to Runaway Bay or Seal Harbor... Oh, and I could've also added Big Cranberry Island, ME, which is a an island that's maybe a mile in diameter, off the coast of Mount Desert Island, where Seal Harbor is located. And Mt Desert is itself less than twenty miles in diameter. *g*

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