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Housing Info?

My fellow SH Reviews Editor, Don, is moving out to the Bay Area, from Pennsylvania, in late November or early December, and is looking for housing, preferably in SF, north Oakland (Rockridge-ish), or Berkeley. His comments:

For rent, I'm hoping for around/under $1000. I'm very open to a roommate or two. A house with amenities and some furniture is preferred (less stuff for me to ship!), no preference on roommates' gender and the like. As per Craigslist criteria, I'm straight myself, but gay-friendly; and I'm a definite omnivore. I'll mention that I sometimes watch sports (college/pro football) on TV on Saturday and Sunday, as I've seen a few people who were very anti-television in their listings. The company I'm coming out to work for will pay for DSL service at home. I'm hygienically sound and very laid back.

He is also, as you might imagine, an SF/F fan. Anyone got leads, or looking for a new roommate?

ETA: The Presidential Horror Show. Funny stuff (though perhaps not work-safe). Of course, the funniest thing about this is that my dad, ninjadoc, sent me the link. *facepalm*

ETA: In other news, the Republicans have made the unprecedented move of recruiting thousands of volunteers whose job will be to go to Democratic precincts in swing states and challenge the qualifications of as many voters as possible, thus creating delays that may lead some voters to leave without voting. Details. Because, you know, suppressing turnout is a patriotic duty.

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