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CA Residents: Tell Arnold not to campaign in Ohio.

Gacked from danaeris.

Living in California with Bush as President is to feel powerless, as we watch a vital election that will profoundly affect our country being decided by other states. But we now, today, have something that we can do as Californians that may significantly alter the election outcome.

Our nationally popular governor has made it clear that he has substantial differences with George W. Bush, but he still plans to campaign with Bush this Friday, October 29th, in the crucial swing state of Ohio. Bush is hoping he can obscure his record of recklessness and extremism by exploiting Governor Schwarzenegger’s moderate image. Ohio is up for grabs; a visit from Arnold "Terminator" Schwarzenegger could help tip it.

Governor Schwarzenegger knows he will depend on the moderate vote to get re-elected or to win an anticipated race for the Senate. Contacting his office and urgently letting him know that we don’t want him promoting a President we loath may have an effect. His office is already on the defensive, with staffers emphasizing that Schwarzenegger is only going to Ohio for the day.

If the Governor were to cancel the trip, no matter what the official explanation, it would be a major repudiation of Bush that would likely have effects in Ohio and nationally.

We need to tell Governor Schwarzenegger now that this is a passionate issue to us; that we don’t want our Governor helping elect George W. Bush. We need to tell him that -

- if he doesn’t go, we will be deeply grateful and we won’t forget; and
- if he does go, we will be angry, and we also won’t forget.

We only have 24 hours to create a major outpouring that lets Governor Schwarzenegger know the importance of this issue to his constituency.

Two crucial steps to take immediately:
1. Forward this e-mail to everyone you know in California who wants to get Bush out of office. (Edited to remove misleading math about reaching everyone in CA, based on the assumption that nobody's fwds reach people who were already hit.)
2. Call, fax, or e-mail Governor Schwarzenegger’s office. Let him know how important his not campaigning for Bush in Ohio (or anywhere else) is to you, and tell him you don’t want him to go.

Below are the contact numbers for Governor Schwarzenegger’s office. In general, telephone calls are most effective, then fax, then e-mail. It may be hard to get through, though, so use any method that works. You can't leave messages over telephone, so you have to call during business hours.

Here is some sample text you can use if you choose:
Dear Governor Schwarzenegger- I have been very pleased with your performance as Governor, and thank you for being a thoughtful Governor working for the best for all Californians. President Bush has been one of the most divisive and extremist Presidents in American history, and there is no issue I feel as strongly about as the need to free our country from his rule. I am asking you urgently not to go to Ohio to campaign for him. He doesn’t represent what I stand for, and I don’t think he represents what you stand for. Don’t let your trip be identified with 4 more years of Bush. Do what is best for our country, and for California’s citizens- please, cancel your trip. Thank you,

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-445-2841
Fax: 916-445-4633

To send an Electronic Mail please go to:

I just called, and got through to a representative, and said, "Hi, I'm a moderate voter who has approved of some of the governor's actions since he was elected, but he will be alienating many voters like me if he campaigns for President Bush in Ohio. I'd recommend that he find a reason to cancel that trip." This is pretty much true; it's quite likely I'll vote against him, since there are a couple of very good possibilities for the Democratic candidate, and I'm kinda peeved over the recall, and just in general I don't like having a perpetrator of sex crimes as my governor. But, yeah, I can point to a few things he's done -- e.g. giving hybrid vehicles access to the HOV lanes -- that I do approve of. And if he helped take down Dubya, it'd definitely earn him a lot of brownie points.

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