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Yay Math-Geeks!

The triumphalist, "it's a mandate!" Republicans have been going on about how 80% of counties voted R, and pointing out the vastness of the red areas of the country, ignoring all of the countervailing evidence (like, the fact that they won by the very narrowest margin possible -- and in particular, by only about half the margin Clinton won by even his first time). Everybody's seen the "shades of purple" map, but how about we make the point even more clearly: the Geomblog has a cartogram -- a map distorted so that population is evenly distributed -- done by county, using both the shades-of-purple and winner-take-all schemes.

It'd be interesting to calculate just how good the correlation is between population density, and voting for the socially-liberal parties (Democratic, Libertarian, Green, Peace and Freedom, etc) as opposed to the moral-authoritarian ones (Republican, Constitution, Buchanan's version of the Reform party, etc).

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