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Learning How to Spin

I think Richard Thompson Ford, a Stanford Law prof, is onto something here. We can reframe issues in terms as stark as the Republicans use against us -- the difference being that we don't need to lie. We just have to be willing to be rude:

"[George Bush] proposes to eliminate [Social Security] and replace it with glorified 401(k) plans -- the same plans that have kept so many senior citizens working into their golden years after the stock market tanked in 2001."

"Right-to-life extremists would outlaw abortions even in cases of rape and when carrying the child to term threatens the mother's life. They would force a woman to bear her rapist's child even if she had to die doing so."

BTW, more election-fraud stories have started to emerge... scottbateman has a roundup (with a lot of links courtesy of readers, including yours truly) with more promised over the next few weeks. The story about the possible hacking of optical scan machines is particularly interesting, since it echoes the known case in which optical scan machines were caught doing something similar, in a way which would've thrown the election had it not been noticed.

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