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friend trying to place a cat

My friend Maria is moving and can't take her cat with her, so she's looking for a new home for her. :-(

----- ad fwded from CraigsList -----

6 year old female CAT needs adoption (campbell)

Beautiful yellow tabby mix. She likes to go outdoors, but would like to have an indoor area accessible to get out of the cold and rain, especially at night. She is housetrained, and has been an indoor cat before. She would like to bring her food/water dishes, litter box, scratching post, and toys along with her, so that her new home will be ready right away. She had all her kitten shots and then adult boosters at the age of 3, and she is spayed.

She will show affection on her own terms but typically does not like hands reaching toward her, and I would NOT recommend her for a family with small children. She is FREE to a good home with patient cat lovers.

I am moving on December 11th and cannot take her with me. If I can't find her a home before then, she will be rooming at the Humane Society in Santa Clara.

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