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Recount Ohio!

David Cobb, Michael Badnarik, and Ralph Nader are working on getting every precinct in Ohio recounted.

You can help. is tracking the progress, and Something's Rotten in the State of Denmark is a blog on the various issues around the vote. Keith Olbermann's blog at MSNBC also has good stuff on this topic. (Also, he recently caught Ann Coulter in a fairly typical lie.)

Consider that Ohio has about ten thousand precincts, and a case is already known in which a single precinct awarded Bush an extra three to four thousand votes. With a margin of only a hundred thousand votes, 50 precincts -- half a percent of the total -- would be plenty to throw the election. And then there are the provisionals -- many Democratic votes may've been lost there.

No, it's not all that likely to change the results... but hey, you never know until you try... Let's give Karl Rove some sleepless nights.

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