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silliness before going home from work

I took the "Which ArchAngel are you?" test and got Gabriel, which was reasonably accurate, I think. I didn't much like their descriptions of most of the angels. But those of you who like pics of pretty boys should take the test and just click through to the "show all possible results" page. *g*

Then I also took the Grammar Whore test:

I am an Elite Grammar Whore
The English language is my bitch. I know every aspect of grammar and usage. I am willing to take down anyone who claims otherwise. Fear the wrath of the ultimate grammar whore, for I am truly a god of language!
[take the test]

Hardly a surprising result, considering I edit and proofread for a professional-level literary magazine.

And finally I took the FindYourSpot test (I entered lies when they asked for personal data -- Dubya may be getting some very interesting spam soon *g*) and found it fairly lame. Here's the list it gave me:

  1. Portland
  2. Baltimore
  3. Las Vegas
  4. Little Rock
  5. Providence
  6. Albuquerque
  7. Hartford, CT
  8. New Haven
  9. Boston
  10. Honolulu
  11. Sacramento
  12. San Francisco
  13. New Orleans
  14. San Jose
  15. Washington, DC
  16. Eugene, OR
  17. Corvallis, OR
  18. San Diego
  19. Orange County, CA
  20. Oakland, CA
  21. Salem, OR
  22. Charleston, WV
  23. Medford, OR
  24. Frederick, MD

How can SF/SJ/Oakland/Berkeley be not even in the top 10? This is the only region where I have ever felt truly at home. Of the top ten, half are places I do like (or think I would like, in the case of LV and Honolulu -- I haven't been, but want to visit). The other half are places I wouldn't go even to visit, unless I was going to see a friend who happened to live there. Amusing, but clearly not at all an accurate guide.


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