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Need some brainwashing?

This is extraordinarily creepy:

Posted on I-4, in Florida.

Also goes right along with my sense that we are turning into the Democratic People's Republic of 'Murika. The DPRK has had "Great Leader" and "Dear Leader", after all. We've all seen the great big statues and posters of Saddam, Khomeini, Kim, Stalin, Hitler... When a "leader" demands veneration from the people, rather than recognizing that he is a servant of those people, you should really start to worry.

Incidentally, if you read the fine print, this exercise in anti-democratic bullshit was brought to us by Clear Channel, the radio-and-advertising conglomerate that is known to be responsible for at least one death. They also lobbied the FCC heavily over the course of the last four years to allow them to buy up more independent media, and did various blatant favors for the administration (such as banning their stations from playing songs, such as John Lennon's "Imagine", which might be interpreted as anti-war).

Ein Volk! Ein Reich! Ein Führer! Ein Netwerk!

This comes originally from the illustrious canticle, here. There's also a new post with another, only slightly less creepy, billboard.

ETA: In case you haven't heard, they made Arlen Specter take a loyalty oath (promising not to exercise his own judgement in deciding whether to support nominations) before letting him be chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. It was disgusting enough when it was just the attendees at Bush-Cheney campaign rallies, but now they're doing it to high-ranking, elected members of their party.

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