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Stuff I've been up to the last few days.

* Being wretchedly ill for three or four days. Don't know if it was a bad cold, or a short case of the flu -- the symptoms were right for flu, but it lasted less time than you'd expect for that, though I do have lingering congestion and coughing.

* Getting a small amount of work done despite illness. I would've gotten more done if it weren't for the fact that the wireless at my place is flaky, and when it goes out for a few seconds, the VPN connection dies, and after a few times reconnecting it says that I've exceeded the maximum number of sessions and won't let me back on til the next day. :-P

* Seeing Kinsey, which was really good. Everyone should go see it, if only to annoy the Xian Right by driving up its box-office numbers.

* Laundering the sheets and comforter cover. Whee. Less cat-hair on the bed now.

* Going to ef2p and cortneyofeden's housewarming, and then on a Hornblower cruise that was a holiday party for Xta's office. The food wasn't spectacular (though they did do a surprisingly decent Caesar salad) but it was nifty going under the bridges and watching various bits of skyline go by. And a couple of Xta's co-workers were fairly entertaining.

So far today I've changed the catbox, swept, and dealt with the stack of mail from last week. I think yesterday was a bit much; the smokiness at the party (apparently there wasn't a dish with sides available for baking the spicy wings, so there was a lot of smoke coming from drippings in the bottom of the oven) and then general cold air on the boat wasn't great for the cough. So I slept in and am generally just sitting around today. I'm kinda bored, though. And since I have my appetite back (I was too nauseated to eat much on Wed/Thu/Fri), and was glancing at The Greens Cookbook at the party, and then read cyan_blue's post about Millennium, I'm now craving good food. Mrr. Possibly I'll just make myself some pasta later.

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