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Friday: Went to Millennium. Had excellent tofu satay, and decent-but-not-justifying-the-price everything else (endive and frisee salad, ). Don't think I'll go there again. Then went to a club, Die Maschinen, to meet up with coraline and jencallisto. Hung out there for a bit, then at Brainwash. Also delivered dragon_spirit's medication.

Saturday: Spaced out on the fact that dragondawn420 was having her housewarming up in Sacto. Probably would not have gone anyways, since I'd been up late the night before and desperately needed to do laundry, but still felt bad about forgetting. Mrr. :-(

Anyways, stayed home and did laundry, then went to see National Treasure, which is silly, but fun.

Sunday: Went up to Berkeley for Thai Buddhist Temple Brunch. Met eisenbud. Then went to see Eugene Onegin with fyfer, leaving Xta to go hiking. Then came back to Berkeley and had dinner with Xta at Cha Ya. Vegan sushi. Much better than the scary raw-fish kind. Also, banana tempura is a good dessert. Esp with plum wine.

Eugene Onegin was really good. I like Tchaikovsky in general anyways, and it's an atypical plot for opera. Kind of anti-romantic. The set was sparse, but interesting. And the costumes for the ball were great -- I think they raided the costumes from other operas (I'm quite certain I saw one of the clowns from Pagliacci, and I think a piece from The Magic Flute), and possibly the ballet as well (there was a girl who looked like she belonged in Swan Lake). Oh, and I liked that there were several parts where they gave really interesting music to the chorus, particularly the call-and-response section with the workers coming in from the harvest in the first scene.

Am v. tired. Should go brush teeth and go to bed. But am debating the merits of installing Starcraft first.

Random detail: while driving to the movie on Sat night, we heard some of Prairie Home Companion on the radio. The News from Lake Wobegon bit was about Xmas talent shows, and they joked about somebody singing the Doxology (sp? it's the one that runs, "Praise him from whom all blessings flow; praise him all creatures here below; praise him above ye heavenly host; praise father, son, and holy ghost," and I think it's a standard part of both Catholic and Episcopal mass, and presumably Lutheran as well, since Lake Wobegon is populated with fictional Lutherans, perhaps like the ones Lisa created in one of the better Treehouse of Horror episodes) to the tune of Hernando's Hideaway. And I realized that I apparently still know the tune for that bit of the service. We had a very musically-inclined church, I think. And a talented choir leader. Partly I think it was that the choir dragged the rest of the crowd into tune, but also I think the constant presence of music led to having more people get interested in it. I've been in a few other churches, over the years, and noticed that on the hymns and bits of musical recitation, most of them really couldn't carry a tune. It always seems weird. Not that I'm terribly religious, but if I was going to revere some divinity on a regular basis, I wouldn't do it off-key. It seems disrespectful, somehow.

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