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Cards and such. Also, no girl.

Today I received a Mysterious Package from larksdream. It was not particularly mysterious in terms of who it was from, given that it had a return address. Nor was it mysterious as to all of its contents, since it was also labelled, "Card inside!" in large friendly letters. But it had a distinctly odd shape and texture. As it turns out, it contained a bookworm, who has now made friends with my cuddly Cthulhu. They're sitting together in my bookshelf. The rule is, if Bookworm tries to eat any of the books, Cthulhu gets to eat Bookworm. (Maybe I'll buy a copy of The Da Vinci Code as worm chow. Surely it has to have some redeeming value, no?)

Speaking of cuddly Cthulhus, jaderabbit sent me a card, featuring art by Shaenon K. Garrity (ooo, spiffy!) in which she is clutching a Santa Cthulhu (while her sweety is at least wrapping an arm around her, if not necessarily clutching). It is cute. Folded inside was the Best Generic-Winter-Holiday Letter EVARRRR. Not only did it contain numerous obscure pop culture references which I recognized (and if there were any I missed, they were subtle enough that they didn't make me go, "hmm, I don't know what that means"), it also imitated the style of Lemony Snicket.

Which is not to say that dushai's holiday letter was anything to sniff at. Also very entertaining.

I also have gotten cards from family. I don't think any other LJ people.

Lastly, I just got back from dropping Xta off at the airport. Similar to a hitchhiker with No Tea, I am now an Auros with No Girl. Le Sigh. But, she will be back on the first of Jamulary (the month of jam-making). And there shall be great rejoicing. Also, jam. Before she left, she gave me a pretty sparkly blue pirate shirt that she made herself, patterened after the one Johnny Depp wore, playing Captain Jack Sparrow.

I am in a very silly mood. I blame it on jaderabbit's letter. I'll go play with my cats now.

PS: The Lemony Snicket movie? Beautiful -- they borrowed one of Tim Burton's chief designers -- but the dialogue goes very flat at times. And Jim Carey's performance is very uneven. Sometimes he's really into it, and other times he turns into Ace Ventura. On the bright side, the closing credits are brilliant -- paper-cutout animation with art similar to that on the books. Very nifty.

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