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So, for about the last week, I've had all text in the XColibur style (current light-blue and dark-blue default) rendering as bold in Firefox 1.0, on both my home and work 'puters. I originally was thinking maybe somebody flubbed an update, and they'd fix it in a day or two, but, no dice. And I just checked, and I get the same problem in the Dystopia style (old purple/orange default). Anyone else seen this? I guess it could be a problem with Firefox's CSS, but anything from the Mozilla project tends to be pretty standards-compliant. I've checked my font settings and there doesn't appear to be anything weird there. (Also, if I use the "No Page Style" option to turn off CSS support, things stop being bolded.) I tried looking for updates to see if there was a patch, but nothing there either. Very odd.

Girl called me today from New Joizy. And will be home on Saturday. Yay! But she has not yet emailed me her flight information...

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