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Zhang Yimou and Nobuo Uematsu should write an opera together.

Xta and I saw House of Flying Daggers yesterday. I think I liked Hero better -- mostly because HoFD suffers from the "Star Trek: the Motion Picture" problem of having overly long sequences that are very pretty but don't advance the plot at all. Hero had a little of that, but didn't end up feeling dragged out, I thought. (And of course if you're a Kurosawa fan, it felt rather referential.) HoFD's plot is romantic on an overstated, operatic scale, and (inevitably) ends badly for all concerned. Anyways, I've thought for ages that Nobuo Uematsu really ought to compose an opera, because his style isn't out of place in comparisons to, say, Puccini or Orff. Zhang Yimou's plots merit comparisons to Verdi.

I spent this morning and afternoon hanging out with danyelf and bsittler in Berkeley, which was fun. Thai Brunch was tasty as usual.

In theory, Xta will eventually pick me up and we'll go watch the director's cut of Return of the King at miss_mimsy's place.

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