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Eggy oniony bacony cheesy yumness.

Made an omelette this morning. Discovered that caramelizing onions takes a Long Time™. (You saute them over medium-low heat, with a little oil, a little salt, and a little brown sugar; stir every five minutes, and deglaze with a tablespoon of water if they start to stick; remove from pan when they all start looking brownish, and carry-over heat will finish cooking the larger bits; you can cook them much longer if you want to really turn them into jelly/candy stuff, but that's not so great for omelettes.) Christa had time to go out three times while I was doing that -- first to get coffee, then for bacon and mustard (we decided that cheddar and onion wasn't quite enough, so she went and got a few strips of bacon from the JJ&F deli; and I usually put mustard and dill into omelettes, if the ingredients are remotely compatible), then back to JJ&F again to exchange the ginger that she bought instead of the mustard, for some mysterious reason known only to her.

I actually managed to properly flip the omelette. Usually I either end up burning one side or the other, or I try to flip it too early and either mangle the solid part, or cause the gooey part to slide off rather than turning over evenly.

It came out a tad oily -- the onions needed a little oil to caramelize them, and then the bacon of course produced prodigious amounts of oil as well. Most of that was poured off, but still. I didn't need to add any oil to the pan, for the eggs... Next time, I will make bacon first, then use that for the onions. Then, what's left in the pan should be a reasonable amount for the eggs.

Another random pleasing thing: When I took the cats to the vet last month, VPI initially paid my claim for Hoshi (for her regular checkup), but denied both parts of the claim for Tsuki (her checkup, and $20 for a bottle of tooth-swabbing mouthwashy stuff), because they somehow decided that since there was a gingivitis diagnosis, they should count the checkup under that as well, and since they don't cover dental, they denied everything. I faxed them another copy of the receipt, along with a note saying I was fine with them not covering the mouthwash (I just included it because I wasn't sure whether or not it was covered, and I figured it couldn't hurt to check) but it seemed silly to not cover the checkup, which was exactly the same care that they did cover for Hoshi. And yesterday I received a check, with an apology agreeing that they'd processed the claim wrong. So, yay. Much more friendly than the average health insurer.

BTW, for anyone whose political/economic knowledge is limited enough that they have not understood various comments being thrown around regarding the debate over Social Security, this is a pretty good primer. It doesn't provide the numbers, and it's obviously expressing some strong opinions, as well as the basic facts; but it's basically a fair assessment. (Repealing the top end of Bush's tax cuts could cut the real deficit -- the number that includes an estimate of the supplemental to pay for the war and other hidden expenses they excluded from the budget released last week -- by about a third this year. Not having to spend money on the Iraq war would yield another third. SS currently is in surplus, and its long run "deficit" is both questionable, given the economic assumptions used to project it, and considerably smaller, until at least four decades out, than the known short-run deficit in the general fund caused by Bush's spending.)

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