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Those of you in the European Union may be interested in this petition for stronger EU regulation on the chemical industry. To quote the email WWF sent me about it:

Man-made chemicals are in use all around us -- from cosmetics and baby bottles to computers and furniture. Animals -- including polar bears, whales and panthers -- are known to suffer from reproductive problems thought to be caused by chemicals. Up to 300 man-made chemicals have been found in humans.

The European Union wants to regulate these chemicals but the chemical industry is fighting hard against this. Right now we have the chance to let policy makers know that we do not want our environment to be polluted with hazardous chemicals.

The European Commission is holding an Internet consultation until the 10th July. Anyone can respond so it's a great chance to let the Commission know that we want strong laws. We need as many signatures as we can get to ensure our demand for a toxics-free future is heard loud and clear!

WWF is also asking for people to send comments to the gov't of Spain about the Iberian lynx.

The Iberian lynx is the world's most endangered wild cat species. It is fighting a desperate struggle for survival. Only about 200 of the animals are left in scattered groups in Spain and Portugal. If the lynx does become extinct, it will be the first cat to die out since the sabre-toothed tiger -- and the last of those died about 10,000 years ago.

Extinction of the Iberian lynx can be averted, but it's a race against time. Urge the Spanish Government to take immediate action. More info, and a guide for sending a comment by email or post to the Spanish gov't, can be found here.


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