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Cell provider ratings?

So, my current cellphone has started getting a tad unreliable (signal drops, calls where it apparently does connect -- the person at the other end gets a ring and picks up -- but one or the other of us can't hear anything, problems getting it to sit properly in the charger, etc). I have a bunch of V60-series accessories, from when Motorola gave me a SprintPCS V60v. It never worked right, due to an error on Sprint's part, but I couldn't get them to remedy the problems. This was the first time I've had a complaint about my service from Sprint, and if they were willing to even sell me another Motorola phone, I might stick with them, but they're not offering any.

Anyways, I think several other carriers do carry V60 variations. I figured I'd check and see how people rate the major alternatives (which I guess are Cingular, Verizon, and T-Mobile, at this point). I know Xta has T-Mobile, so I was thinking it might make sense to get one of the other two, since it's good to have access to two different networks, in case you're in an area with patchy coverage...

I seem to recall emmett_the_sane recently saying that one of the providers was really, really evil...

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