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Go Team Felbers! And: is Bill Frist a perjurer?

Adam Felbers has outdone himself, in his latest entry at Fanatical Apathy. Words cannot convey. Just go read it.

In other news, Bill Frist made a statement on the Senate Floor: "When I first heard about the situation facing Terri Schiavo, I immediately wanted to know more about the case from a medical standpoint. I asked myself, just looking at the newspaper reports, is Terri clearly in this diagnosis called persistent vegetative state? I was interested in it in part because it is a very difficult diagnosis to make and I’ve been in a situation such as this many, many times before as a transplant surgeon."

As one actual neurologist put it: "[I]t's like me making an off-the-cuff statement about a heart transplant patient."

There doesn't seem to be any evidence that Frist has ever had a patient end up in a PVS, and if he had, it would have been because he fucked up their transplant -- cause for a malpractice suit, not a way for him to build up expertise on the topic. Certainly the organ donors would've been brain-dead (and just generally DEAD), but Frist wouldn't have been the guy making that call.

Last I heard lying to Congress was a crime. If we were to apply the standard that Republicans applied to Clinton, Frist would be due for at the minimum, a Congressional censure resolution.

ETA: fyfer points out that one might reasonably interpret Frist as saying he had frequently had to make difficult diagnoses, so I guess he's off the hook for lying. He's still playing fast and loose with medical ethics, as defined by the AMA.

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