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MSFT sinks to new lows, and general update.

Microsoft has been employing Ralph Reed as a consultant. That settles it. I am buying a nice new Mac as soon as I can afford it.

Thing I have done recently:

* Went to the Dreden Dolls' last concert as headliner. (Now they're opening for NIN.)

* Registered for a Statistics class at the Berkeley Extension. It's a pre-req for applying for the Haas part-time MBA program.

* Went to the TNG munch and BaGG, and ran into bunches of people I hadn't seen in ages.

Note that one of these things is not like the others, and will probably lead to doing much less of those other types of things. Sigh. I keep thinking it would be nice to get back to doing more of the "getting out and having a social life" stuff, but then I also am interested in career advancement, and learning, and all that... I need a Kiln.

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