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The failings of TV-B-Gone, and an idea for a solution.

So, I own a TV-B-Gone. I have found that it has a few failings:

  • It's hard to use it inconspicuously.
  • It takes a long time to cycle through all the "off" signals it tries.
  • There's no way to just pick out the signal for a particular TV, even if you use it regularly on that target.
  • The button accidentally gets pressed if I carry it in my pocket so it runs down the battery, and there's no LED "low-battery" indicator.

The obvious solution just occurred to me -- run it off a PDA's IR "beaming" port. OK, so I'd need to get a PDA to make that a useful solution, but it's both unobtrusive (who notices a geek tapping on a PDA?) and provides all kinds of UI options.

There's a program called OmniRemote from Pacific Neo-Tek, and a variety of other programs doing similar stuff. But that's overkill. I want something that just cycles through the off signals (maybe with a slight pause between them and a button you can tap to have it stop and tell you which signal just worked), and also offers a menu of the signals sorted by brand.

Apparently there are freeware signal DBs out there, which one might be able to integrate into a simpler program... Anybody out there know how to write Palm shareware?


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