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In which Tsuki pretends (at least, I hope she's pretending) to be a Beast from Beyond.

I was just posting this comment in my friend melebeth's journal, and it struck me that it was actually pretty funny, and worth posting here:

She said:

[My dog] has curled up in the corner of my office with her face shoved into the tiny space between the filing cabinet and the door. This is a good position because it keeps her head cool, and prevents me from leaving the room without her noticing.

I responded:

Tsuki has taken to curling up in the bathroom sink, because the ceramic surface is nice and cool. This is very startling when you walk in in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and, in the minimal light, perceive the white ceramic sink as having transformed into a dark velvety portal into some dimension of eldritch horrors, from which two baleful eyes are staring out at you.

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