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Day of much cooking. (Improvised Moroccan chicken.)

This morning I made sticky rice, and took it to a work picnic, along with a big bag of lychee fruit.

This evening I am going to make Moroccan-inspired chicken, sort of an improvisation from the lemon chicken. I reduced the lemon juice to maybe half a cup, with apricot Looza for the other two thirds. (I didn't actually measure; I think I may have less than 1.5c of liquid, but it seemed like enough, anyhow.) I didn't add any wine to the marinade, figured I'd just deglaze the pan with that at the end. (I have a Gewurtz in the fridge that I'm planning to serve with dinner anyhow.) I spiced it with some turmeric, cumin, coriander, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, mixed crushed peppercorns, and sea salt. I also contemplated marjoram and paprika, but I felt like I'd already added enough stuff, and I didn't want to over-do the complications in the flavor and make it end up just being weird and confusing.

The plan is to serve it with couscous, with the pan juices being used as part of the liquid to hydrate that, with diced apricots, plus raisins and sultanas, tossed in for the soak, and toasted pine nuts added at the end. I think I may cube the chicken breasts after they're cooked, and toss them in to soak as well. (In retrospect, I should've frozen them, then cubed them last night and tossed them into the marinade that way. Cutting raw poultry into even-sized chunks is a pain.)

Oh, and I got a Walla-Walla Sweet onion, which I was going to saute and mix in as well. Possibly should go get started on that now; once the wok is heated up, I can just continue using it, for the chicken breasts, if I just do them two at a time instead of all four at once... Could even dump the couscous in there directly, then dump everything back in on top of it. Hmmm...

Followup notes: I ended up adding diced red, orange, and yellow bell peppers, along with the onions. I added some extra apricot nectar, along with the water, for the couscous. The apricots didn't get added til the very end, with the pine-nuts, because Xta didn't show up with them til then; I think they would've done better being cooked a bit, maybe for a minute or two with the veggies, or maybe just toss them in the water while bringing it to a boil; will have to contemplate that if I try this again. I actually had a Riesling (Dr Wagner, quite nice), not a Gewurtz. I definitely need to add more salt to the cooking liquid next time. Also, I ended up with enough leftover to provide four dinner-size servings (for Xta and me and my aunt and uncle) and three lunch-size servings (Xta, me, and goer_org -- which, considering the huge chicken breasts D~ had purchased, was kinda predictable, but they needed to get used, so I just made lots of everything else, too. (Incidentally, part of why I took it to share with my aunt was that I had run into her at CJ Olson's, when I went to attempt to buy mangos and ended up with lychees instead. Mr Olson of course knows both of us as regulars, but hadn't realized we were related. *g*)

Anyways, D~, Xta, and jencallisto seemed to like it. Oddly, both D~ and Jenwa are leaving the continent within a week. Which means I don't have either of my usual catsitters. Guess I'm not going anywhere til they come back...

While I'm thinking about food, I'll copy-paste what we had at Evvia, at least for the things on the regular dinner menu. (We split everything.) Agourosoupa (chilled soup made from pureed avocado and cucumber, with yogurt and diced pickled leek), Kotopoulo (rotisserie chicken with bulgur wheat, sweet peas, asparagus, and preserved meyer lemon). The dessert menu had changed since they last update the site; we had baklava with a scoop of espresso ice cream (which went well with sips of the Glyko coffee), and a peach tart on phyllo crust, with a scoop of blackberry sorbet that must've just come out of the churn, because the texture was even all the way through, and it still had that semi-stable, crystals just barely managing to hold the syrup together, kinda feeling to it. Yummy. Afterwards we stopped to see Howl's Moving Castle at the Aquarius. Cute, but nowhere near as good as his other recent works. (Also, from what I hear, nowhere near as good as the book.)

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