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politics: the MoveOn Primary

If you're a Dem/Green sympathizer, and you're not familiar with, now would be a good time. The group was founded during the Clinton impeachment, to pressure Congress to "censure and move on"; but they have grown into possibly the most successful online political action group ever. They've raised millions of dollars for progressive candidates and causes, organized demonstrations and call-in days, and so on. (Oddly enough, the folks who founded it live just a few blocks away from where I lived in Berkeley.)

Now they're holding an early Democratic primary; if more than 50% of the MoveOn membership supports one particular candidate, they're going to endorse that one and start raising funds for him (or her, though I doubt Mosely-Braun stands a chance).

What particularly prompst me to write this is that I had sent a note to the folks at MoveOn suggesting that they try running the primary with both a regular single-choice ballot, and an Approval Voting ballot. And they're doing it! This means that hundreds of thousands of progressive activists are getting exposed to an alternate election method -- and to a good one, not the deeply flawed Instant-Runoff system that seems to dominate most public discussion of alternate methods.

Changing the election method for single-winner elections in the US would be a huge step towards reforming our political system, breaking the duopoly of the major parties, and allowing dissenting viewpoints to have an impact on public policy.

That MoveOn chose to do this is, I believe, a huge victory for election reform.

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