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It's just a rabbit!

I, for one, welcome our new lapine overlords.

In other news, Xta and I saw a pre-screening of Corpse Bride last night. It's cute; I think I like Nightmare Before Christmas slightly better in terms of the musical numbers (a few of them fall flat in this one, if only because they're so lavish that all the words get lost in a muddle), and for plot (Corpse Bride is entirely predictable), but the technical merit of the new film is unquestionable -- the puppets are much more expressive ("Smile, dear!") and the voice actors are superb across the board -- and there are some really wonderful little in-jokes. (Check out the brand name of the piano at the Everglot manor, placed where you might usually see "Steinway" or "Yamaha".)

ETA: Note to self: Never, ever take 101 during rush hour. No, the fact that you have two people and can thus use the HOV lane is not a reason to make an exception. Never means NEVER. kthxbye.

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