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Mmm, dosai.

It seems that Bay Area Indian restaurants rarely provide south-Indian stuff like Dosai, Iddly, Vadai, and Uppumai (note that my pluralization efforts may be incorrect). Since moving out here, I couldn't find a Dosa anywhere. There apparently was once a fairly good south-Indian place on California Ave, called Brahma Bull, but it closed before I ever got to try it. (On the bright side, the place that has moved into that space most recently, Orchis, provides excellent southeast-Asian fusion -- Malaysian, Indonesian, Thai, etc. It's kind of a lousy location, because it's in a courtyard that's hidden from the street.) There's a place in Sunnyvale town center that has a decent-but-not-great lunch buffet, which supposedly has dosas with weekend brunch, but honestly, I don't think I'd want one that early in the morning. (Actually, I don't think I'd want Indian in general, for brunch -- too much spice too early in the morning. This may be in line with the fact that when I go out for dimsum, I mostly stick to the sweet/pastry bits.)

Anyways, I went and tried Dasaprakash yesterday, and just had the leftovers from that for lunch. It's quite good. The owner was serving, and apparently it's either a clone or an actual franchise (I wasn't clear which; I think franchise, but I'm not sure) of a popular restaurant chain with the same name in India. Finally, ethnic cuisine gets its revenge against McDonald's... :-)

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