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Mirror Mask

Neil Gaiman's new movie is pretty cool -- think Labyrinth plus The Crow; a young woman finds herself in the world of her fantasies, and has to fix things up in that world. I especially like the Sphinx at the garden of stairways. And the Bobs (and Malcolm). It's a little scary at times, but probably appropriate for kids 9+ as young as three or four. (Have any folks seen it that have a clearer idea of what ages kids can deal with that sort of thing at?) (Revised after considering comments from coraline.)

ETA: While I'm editing, I'll note that I just mentioned "The Crow" because it was the first dark/gothy movie that popped into my head, but upon reflection, I think the Batman movies, or Dark City, are more apropos -- the gothic, distorted cityscape is a tremendously important part of the movie. (The fantasy world in Mirrormask owes a great deal, I think, to Gaiman's other visual works, The Sandman and Neverwhere.)

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