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Ice Cream and Candidates...

I went to an ice cream social over in Mayfield Park, where various candidates for school board and city council were present to chat with people. I'm faced with the interesting challenge of having more candidates I approve of than I am allowed to vote for. (We need Approval Voting!) I'm definitely voting for Larry Klein for City Council. I can vote for up to four more, and I didn't get to talk to all of them. I know there's a sort of clique or slate among Drekmeier, Kishimoto, and Holman, who are endorsed by people like Ira Ruskin and Joe Simitian (our representatives in Sacramento). I've met Ruskin, and liked him. So I might vote for those three. For school board, I narrowed it from four to three (I liked Mitchell, Mullen, and Tom) but I can only pick two. I'm leaning towards Mitchell and Tom (who are endorsed by the PA Weekly, and seemed to be the unofficial picks of several of the College Terrace Residents Association board members -- they weren't explicitly endorsing anybody, since they wanted everyone to show up and be friendly) but I did also really like Steve Mullen. More research is necessary.

I wish there was a way to get everyone who votes to do the amount of research that's actually needed, to vote intelligently...

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