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Usage Notes.

We wish to inform you that the verb "to miss", used to refer to the sense of wishing for the presence of somebody, has had its thematic roles misassigned. It clearly was meant to work under the same structure as the Spanish verb gustar. To say "I like X" in Spanish, you say, "Me gusta X." This translates roughly as, "X is pleasing to me." (The grammatical structure is more like "X pleases me," but that might have some... unwanted connotations.)

"To miss" is used by English speakers in the format: I (nominative) miss you (accusative).

Clearly, it should've been: You (nominative) are missing from me (dative).

Or at least, that's what it feels like.

PS: Thanks to all for the birfday wishes. And happy b-day to melebeth.

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