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Article on withdrawal from Iraq...

Nir Rosen is persuasive in arguing that the aftermath of a pullout would not be quite as awful as one might fear, and that there really is no hope of making things better by extending our stay...

On the purely political side, ignoring the very real plight of the Iraqis... It would be nice if the GOP could be made to actually pay a price for the damage they've done to our nation's finances, military readiness and morale, and standing in the world. I'm concerned that they will, in fact, "declare victory and go home" before the '06 elections, and that Faux News will then manage to persuade their voters that we really did win. *sigh*

ETA: Fred Kaplan is also considering the issues, and does a good job capturing how people of reasonable political persuasions can feel torn about exactly what to do.

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