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Omelicious. And, Tom Kha redux.

Much cooking today.

Pan fried two strips of bacon til almost-crisp (they keep cooking a bit after you take 'em out, so you don't want to overdo it and end up with blackened soot instead of tasty bacon), removing the grease as it became enough to spoon out. Then tossed a little of the grease back in, along with some raspberry vinegar (maybe a tablespoon?), a half-teaspoon of brown sugar, and probably about half a red onion (pre-chopped, from the salad bar at Mollie Stone's). Caramelized those thoroughly, then pulled them out, and cooked up five eggs as an omelette. Put in some grated Dubliner tossed with mustard powder, dill, and black pepper, plus some artichoke hearts (yay, salad bar) and the bacon and onions. Finished up just as Xta was arriving. Go-go gadget timing. (Honestly, I think next time I'd skip the artichoke hearts. If I was going to add anything to the onion/bacon/cheese combo, it'd be something that wouldn't compete for attention so much. Maybe spinach, wilted in the bacon grease right at the end of cooking the onions? Or some sort of nuts.)

After dinner, I reinstantiated my Tom Kha recipe, with slightly different amounts of veggies (pretty much all pre-chopped, except the two teeny heads of baby bok-choy), but this time actually simmered the coconut milk and spices separately, with real galanga and lemongrass. Chopping up lemongrass and pounding the bejeezus out of it with the bottom of a small pan, to release the essential oils, is very, very entertaining. Works out those aggressions. Galanga, on the other hand, is kinda scary to chop; it's somewhat woodier than European ginger. A slicing motion seems to work well, but it constantly wants to slip away in such a manner as to lead the knife towards your fingers. Xta got the galanga from Ranch-99; she couldn't find kaffir limes or their leaves, though, so we just put in the zest and juice of two regular limes. The lemongrass, surprisingly, came from Mollie Stone; I don't think I'd ever noticed it there before, but today they had it, in single sticks -- just the right amount. Also, I kinda forgot to get the No-Chicken Broth, so I instead topped up the liquid with maybe 2.5 cups of plain water. Hopefully that won't hurt it too much. There's lots of veggies in there; they can turn the water into broth. Or at least, that's my theory. Sigh. In any case, that's I have three quarts of something vaguely Tom-Kha-like in the fridge. We'll see how it turns out.

I really should cook more often. After having a kinda stressful first day back at work, getting home and making stuff was really relaxing.

Maybe I'll order some kaffir lime leaves (the site I linked to in the original Tom Kha post sells them, and they say they freeze OK, lasting several months without loss of flavor). I can make another batch of soup next month...

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