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I *heart* Dahlia Lithwick!

In some comments on Supreme Court issues in other people's journals, I've mentioned my adoration of Dahlia Lithwick, Slate's reporter on the SCOTUS beat. I'd make a comment on how I want her to be the mother of my children -- along the lines of Gio's obsession with Mark Morford -- except, well, she's married and just had her first child. Guess I'd better find somebody else for that job. Also, I have to grant that Morford is funnier. But you'll learn a lot more reading Lithwick.

In any case, I had been mourning the fact that she hadn't been around the last couple of months -- ever since the oral argument on Lawrence, which she covered in an article titled The Supreme Court Tries Sodomy (it really is as good as the title suggests; possibly her best ever) -- and hoping that she would return to analyze the decisions at the end of the term.

Happily, my wish has been granted. She and a law professor friend are hashing out various arguments over the decisions coming down this week, and posting their discussion in a column called The Breakfast Table. With any luck, Lawrence will be out tomorrow. :-)

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