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A pretty good evening.

Tom Kha (with broth added in) was a hit (and is all gone, having been finished off by me, Xta, D~ and his gf S~, probable new-roomate G~, and my Berkeley roommate, DEC, who is in town this week). Laloo's Goat's Milk Ice Cream is delicious, surprisingly high in flavor and low in sugar. I am particularly keen on the Chevre Chiffon, Pumpkin Spice, and Molasses Tipsycake. I also liked the Mission Fig a fair bit, which surprised me. Sadly, it's ridiculously expensive. *shakes fist at Whole Paycheck Foods*

It looks like G~ (who came over for dinner and gaming, and is sleeping on the couch tonight, to fully verify that the cat-infested environment won't make him allergic) will probably be my new roommate; he seems non-allergic thus far. DEC is staying over tonight as well, so it's a pretty full house...

Settlers was good. Had one round where I thought I was going to win -- bought a dev card, which turned out to be a soldier, which set me up to win (by playing for largest army) the following turn. Then, after a turn from DEC which didn't interfere with my nefarious plans, G~ played Road Building and wiped out my longest road, followed by a Monopoly which killed my ability to build another road (which would've linked my two segments and given me an irreversible hold on Longest Road), then Xta played a soldier and killed my shot at Largest Army, as well. Oy. Two rounds later, Xta won on a dev card victory point. Her turn, I suppose; I won at Bab5 last week...

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