Auros (auros) wrote,

Why you should oppose a massive expansion of the use of "Health Savings Accounts".

An explanation from a health-care professional.

I'm a single woman, aged 33, who is a serious recreational athlete. I have absolutely no health issues of any kind. . . . [T]hanks to Mr. Bush, I made money on my health care in year one -- about a hundred bucks of tax advantage over what I paid out, plus another hundred bucks or so of interest. This is my reward for earning in the top 1% or so of George Bush's America -- I make a profit on something that bankrupts people who aren't as fortunate. Note to self: avoid getting sick. Avoid getting old too. . . . [T]he Republicans are pretending to offer me more control and opportunity, but what they're really offering is the opportunity to eat all the risk myself. I can probably do that, but my situation is very rare. And I am so atypical of the standard American health care consumer that portraying HSAs as a national solution is ridiculous to the point of absurdity.

Gacked from juniorbird_feed.

This is going to be a major theme in the State of the Union, and you'll hear about it in the news in the near future, if you pay any attention at all.

Like the attempt to "reform" Social Security by forcing individuals to gamble on stocks and bonds (and let brokers collect fees, in the process), the idea here is basically to push risk onto individuals, who are poorly equipped to make good choices about their healthcare, while handing profits to the financiers running the accounts, and the insurance corps running the confusing, complicated plans -- see also: the disaster that is Medicare Part D.

When forced to eat the costs of healthcare (because they thought they were healthy and opted for a high-deductible, low-coverage plan), many poorer individuals just don't get treatment, even if the treatment would prevent even more expensive treatment later. Sooner or later, you have to decide whether these costs are going to flow onto the taxpayer, through subsidized emergency care, or you're just going to let people die.

ETA: This is funny. "[T]he triumph of Republican-conservatarian economic policy consists of an expansion of government jobs financed by loans from the communist People's Republic of China."

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