Auros (auros) wrote,

Apparently I am insufficiently geeky.

I have a new LinkSys wireless router, and I am having some problems getting network security working. I can get 64-bit WEP working, but for some reason my laptop refuses to connect properly with the 128-bit WEP (which worked fine with Danek's router), or with the stronger WPA protocol with TKIP encryption. The laptop claims to support WPA/TKIP -- I can find the options when I go to configure the connection -- but with that setup, or even with 128-bit WEP, it acts like it's connected ("Signal Strength: Excellent" and all that) but then says "host not found" when I try to access anything on the int0rwebz. Anyone know a bit more about these things, and want to trade a tech support visit for food? I tried LinkSys tech support, and their attitude was basically that if the issue is on the computer's side, not the router's, it's not their problem. Understandable, but annoying.

Less pressing: I also can only run the router's control pages from Internet Explorer, because FireFox refuses to accept its certificate -- both browsers agree that the cert is invalid, but IE at least gives me an option to accept it for the current session. FireFox on Win2k also gives that option too (I plugged my laptop directly into the router to check), but not on Win98. And I couldn't find any option in FF on Win98 to change its behavior for expired or invalid certs.

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