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This is political spam, suggesting donations to a specific candidate. If that's not your bag, you can skip it.

I decided, mostly on a whim, that I was going to donate a small amount to most1 of the Veterans for a Secure America, aka the Fighting Dems. Veterans Against the War was, as I understand the history, a non-trivial player in ending the Vietnam War, and generally discrediting the Cold War hawks. Quite aside from that, I'm just sick of the GOP wrapping itself in the flag and shouting "Support Our Troops!" while cutting their benefits and sending them into combat with no armor.

Dan Dodd, who, assuming he wins the primary2, will be running against Sam Johnson3, sent me a very gracious hand-written thank-you note, asking whether perhaps I'd met his daughter (who apparently went to grad school in Palo Alto, which I'd guess means Stanford) or was a relation of Rep Jane Harman.4 This is the first time I've ever gotten a hand-written note from a candidate, and it's especially surprising considering how little I gave. Apparently mine was the first (and so far only) unsolicited donation from California. He'll be facing an uphill battle. Anyone want to help him out?

1. I skipped a very few of them. One because he's running in a district -- my brother's, actually -- where the frontrunning Democratic candidate is somebody I actually like more, at least based on their listed issue statements. Two because they were both in the same district, and I didn't see any way to pick between the two. And yes, I actually did read through the bios and issue statements on pretty much every candidate's site. I was overcaffeinated after class last Wednesday, and stayed up til 4am. A couple of them were a tad conservative for my taste, especially on abortion issues, but they were running in districts where the alternatives are far worse, and seemed to have a realistic chance of winning (yay for Google and pollster websites).

2. I don't think there are any challengers. The district was uncontested last time.

3. Also a vet, but a rather loony one. On February 19, 2005, at a church pancake breakfast in Allen, TX, he informed supporters that in a conversation with Bush, he had suggested that the WMDs from Iraq were probably moved to Syria, and had personally volunteered to fly a jet over to Syria and drop two nuclear bombs. He later said he was joking... but still. Craaaaazy.

4. This is actually a possibility, though I've never met her. Her husband Sidney Harman (co-founder of Harman-Kardon, a purveyor of fine acoustic equipment) is a New Yorker, and my Harman ancestors did come into the country through NYC. And he has the right sort of nose and eyebrows to be family. *shrug*

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