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I think I need some Bab5 icons. Maybe an Ivanova smackdown one ("I am the right hand of vengeance... I am death incarnate, the last living thing you are ever going to see. G-D sent me." -- though that would have to be an animated GIF, to fit all the text), a Marcus-being-Marcus one ("I take great comfort in the general hostility and unfairness of the universe." -- ditto), and some sort of "Captain Sheridan is a goofball" one ("Ya... hoo?" -- though that was actually Lennier, uh, being inquisitive). Oh, and maybe a Londo one for overindulgent partying, and a G'kar one for spiritual/intellectual questioning ("Nobody here is exactly what they appear.").

I'll have to dig through midwinter at some point and see if I can find appropriate stuff... Just now, I should be doing work. :-P

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