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Candidate plug: Rich Sexton for NJ-03

I got another handwritten, "Wow, you're far away!" thank-you note from a candidate I'd contributed to. Rich Sexton. Rich apparently was stationed at the Alameda naval base, many years back, and he came back on vacation to visit the redwoods, a couple years back. He's running to unseat Jim Saxton, who recently donated several thousand dollars to charity in an attempt to scrub away the taint of being a recipient of the largesse of Jack Abramoff. Jim Saxton is perhaps slightly-less-crazy than some of his fellow Republicans, but that's not saying much. And he certainly seems to share their penchant for corruption and greed. He also, like the rest of his borrow-and-spend party, favors higher spending with lower taxes. Take a look at his answers to the non-partisan 2004 Congressional National Political Awareness Test. On spending priorities, he says "increase" or "maintain" across the board; on taxes, he says "decrease" or "maintain" across the board. Somebody might want to fill him in on basic math.

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