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Pics of my interview suit, and of Tsuki being catly.

suit front Suit, front.

suit back Suit, back. And yes, I did interview with my hair dyed red. Though my beard was better-trimmed, and I had the hair pulled back in a pony-tail.

suit inside Suit, inside. In the full-size version, you can kinda see the sparkly silk lining, and the pinstripes. Both are more dramatic in real life.

shoulder kitty Tsuki walks all over me. It looks like, in this picture at this size, we both have the demonic eyes going; I think those are the actual whites of my eyes, though -- I'm watching her in the closet-door mirror, so I'm looking off-camera...

pet shoulder kitty Haaaaappy kitty!

Quote of the Day: "Strangely, 'my head is full of mashed taro' is not an LJ mood you can select. What's up with that?"

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